Today we created a game that allowed the character or object to jump, move side to side, climb ladders, and fall with gravity. There were several successes, or things that have worked well today. One thing that was successful was creating the sprites; since we have learned previously before how to create the sprites, we had no problem creating them on our own. Along with the sprites, we have previously learned how to create the objects by loading in the sprite and sometimes having to add several events along with it, so I thought that it was a success too.  The last thing that went well was setting the jump to position for the character and object. After hearing the instructions, we accomplished the task easily by adding the event.

Even though there were successes, there were some difficulties, or challenges. Setting the gravity just right was tough, because, if you did not set it just right it will mess up your game.  Another thing that was difficult was learning how to set up and make the character jump. You had to add several events and controls to make the character jump, and land on the platforms correctly using keys on the keyboard. The last difficult thing was dealing with the X and Y coordinates on the check collision. This was difficult because there were negative and positive coordinates. People sometimes forgot to put the negative sign and others forgot to make it a positive, which caused problems later on while playing the game.

There are a few things that we hope to do tomorrow. One thing I hope to do tomorrow is to choose the best games out of the ones we have wrote ideas about and pictured. Also, I hope to take what we learned and apply it to our game to make it better.  The last thing I hope to do is add actions and events such as jumps, platforms, and ladders. Overall, I thought today went very well.




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