Today our class completed many tasks. Firstly, one of the things we accomplished was making sprites and sounds for our game. Currently we are working on a game to teach kids all around the world about the novel we read, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We are hoping to accomplish this through a video game where kids can come to our blog and play a fun game, while still learning a few things about the book. To make the video game we have been learning about GameMaker, the video game design software we are using. We are also using Incscape for our sprites, characters, rocks, etc., and Garageband for sound files like background music. The first step for making the sprites is manually drawing them, which today we created Peter the cat and Injun Joe. We also played around with the sound software, but we had some problems.
One of the problems we encountered was thinking of how to create our sound and have it still be the correct time period, for example our background music can not just be from this time period of instruments and sound, but it needs to fit the setting of our book. We were also experimenting with the sound program and sometimes it gave us trouble. Hopefully tomorrow we can do better.
Tomorrow we hope to learn more of GameMaker. We will be learning about how to import and use our sound files into the game and incorporate it. We will be hoping to improve our knowledge and move forward with our game.
- Andre


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