What went well in class today was when we had a Skype call with Stacey Scholfield. Also, what went well for us was discussing room sizing for when we create our game. That is very important because we needed to know what sizes we were going to set the rooms in the video game. Also we discussed what songs we were going to use for to do in our project and where we wanted them incorporated in our game.

What difficulties we had faced in class today was that since we did not have lots of time we did not get as much accomplished as we had wanted. That was a large set back that we had. Also we seem to struggle on deciding which group members are to do which part in our project. That took time away in which we could have been working. Finally our sketches we drew were not quite as good as other groups. Their pictures seemed to be better than ours.

Tomorrow we hope to accomplish and complete a large number of things, mostly very important. Such as finishing up finding the figurative language in the chapters that we need. Also we need to start creating our vectors and our sound for the game. That could take a long time, so our group will need to split up, so some can go make vectors and sounds. While some of us go and find figurative language. Also some group members need to create the sketches we will need for our game.


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