Successes: Today, our group definitely made progress, and we worked extremely well as a team. The Google Document stayed organized throughout the entire workday and everyone was getting well involved. We have a much smaller group compared to other teams, but if we work as efficient as we have been, we’ll definitely finish much earlier than larger groups. Our group moves very quickly but stays organized and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Challenges: As always, nothing is perfect. Therefore, our group has a few struggles, such as getting off topic. It is quite easy for our team of five to become distracted with the web camera installed on the computer. It hasn’t been much of an issue but it could definitely give us more working time if we could stay focused. Also, Google Docs, the online program we’ve been using to layout the game has been refreshing and unable to reload the document. It isn’t a big deal, although it tends to cost group members valuable time. Finally, a less important problem is creating educational questions for the game. We’ve worked through the issue and I think that it is about figured out. All in all, none of these challenges have really affected our group much and for the most part, we’re working very well and quickly.

Plans for Tomorrow: We made lots of progress today, including creating every sprite we need. All of the pictures have been drawn and we’re doing great. Hopefully tomorrow our group can accomplish tasks such as picking the color scheme, importing drawings to documents, and maybe even beginning to create sound files if all of our foreshadowing questions can be completed. We’ve been working efficiently and so far we’re finishing earlier than other groups. This project has been exciting so far, and the end result will be fantastic.


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