Today in class we worked extremely hard on three things: getting some colors, working on sounds, and getting the groups drawings finished. During the two hours we finished getting the colors created. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a great musician come and give us some sounds we needed. We finished all our sounds that we needed. This musician was also a fabulous artist and helped with our drawings. The drawings look amazing because of him.

            We didn’t get all the things we needed to get done such as some backgrounds and the programing. We did not get this stuff done because of the great honor we had to have a wonderful musician and artist. My group has one of our backgrounds done and two more to do. We haven’t started the programing but are in the direction to doing it. The programing will probably take at least two whole hours.

            Tomorrow my group and I will finish the backgrounds we need and start the programing. The backgrounds we will be working on are the instructions page and the welcome page. Both of those backgrounds shouldn’t take long but could. The programing will take up the rest of the time that we have left from making the backgrounds.



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