Each day working on a project brings new accomplishments and challenges. On November 30th, the class started to work on creating each groups’ different game manual. We learned how to create folders on Google Drive and share them so that everyone in the group can be working on the same document at once. The majority of the groups got through one or two sections in the game manual, some of the groups even started to design their sprites.

While some groups kept working without a hitch, others experienced many setbacks. Some of the many browsers that were being used unexpectedly shut down and we had to log back in all over again. Others had trouble getting their documents to share with the other group members. However, the most challenging thing was getting everyone in the group to agree on an addition or change to the game.

Monday in class, everyone will be at a different point in the process. Some will be finishing the Google Doc and starting on their sprites, and others will be finishing their sprites and starting on the document. Either way, the finish line is getting closer by the day. The majority of the groups’ goals for Monday is to be at least if not more than halfway done with the sprites and manual.



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