Today in Mrs. Smoke’s 3rd and 4th hour class we brainstormed ideas for video games as a group. We are working as a class to make a website all about Mark Twain’s book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. As a table group we collectively thought of original ideas that would be both beneficial to the players, and within our ability to make. Our goal is to teach about the book in a relaxed, non-stressful way. A lot of good ideas were presented and we did an excellent job listening to groups present their games, and then making suggestions as to how we could improve them. Some challenges we faced today were mainly relating the games to the book, and making sure a player would learn about the book. Although we did a very good job coming up with new ideas, we had to make sure we were expanding on good ideas from 1st/ 2nd hour, and not just repeating the same thing over again. In all, we didn’t have many problems except for our skills when it came to counting fingers! Tomorrow our class hopes to fine tune the ideas we brainstormed today and maybe decide which ideas we want to keep. We also plan to have some lessons over the gaming software we will use to create our games.



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