We have accomplished many things today. One of them would be that we figured out how to program our character objects in the game, so they would actually move how we want them to, instead of moving all over the place and not stopping. Another thing we accomplished was finishing most of the sprites. Now we only have a couple more pictures to upload before we are completely done with drawing and creating sprites to use in the educational video game. Lastly, we have started finishing the programing for some of the objects and maps for the games.

            We had some good accomplishments today, but we also had a lot of challenges. It turns out the gaming program we are using doesn’t support the ideas our groups came up with, so they have to completely change their games. Whilst keeping it educational at the same time. A second challenge we today is that Inkscape wouldn’t work, therefore we couldn’t finish our sprites. Yet another challenge is that we had was that it was hard to figure out how to change the game without making it bad or not educational.

            We have lots of plan for tomorrow. One thing is to get our sprites completely finished, so we don’t have to worry about drawing anything or dealing with Inkscape anymore. Another plan for tomorrow is to get some of our songs and sounds uploaded off of garage band and on the computer program, so we can put them into the game. The last thing that needs to be done tomorrow is finishing the objects in the game so the move or do what they are supposed to do.
- Travis.


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