Today in Mrs. Smokes' 3-4 hour, we used a color pallet website to choose colors to use in our mini-games for the Adventures of Tom Sawyer website that we are creating. Something that went well today was most of the websites we used worked efficiently and cooperatively. Some other successful things we accomplished are finding all of the colors and locating some sounds that will be used in our game and sharing them with the rest of the group in Google Docs.
Not everything went perfectly, though. Some difficulties we faced included computer problems, focus issues, and photography troubles. The computer problems we had were difficulty locating some of the websites to use and then trying to transition information between them. The color pallet website we used had many neat effects and features which made it easy to get distracted and off topic at times. The last dilemma we faced was the phone we were going to originally use to take photos could not upload them to the computer so we could not use it and had to make other arrangements.
Tomorrow, we wish to complete the game design sheets on our Google Docs, which is almost finished. We also hope to finish the sounds and colors and start programming them to use in our game. Lastly, we would like to begin creating sprites so we can start the game design process.


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