Today was extremely different than any other ordinary day. The main highlight in my advanced language arts class was when two groups went outside and broke Goodwill plates to create a realistic sound for their video games. Both teams concluded that the task went extraordinarily well. Additional teams had success when they finally mastered their cover page design which included plenty of stars and a glistening moon. Many groups had additional time after completing the sound and cover page and, therefore, uploaded all of their sprites onto the computer.

            The class faced several challenges that hindered completion of the project. The most common difficulty amongst the groups was lack of communication skills. Deciding, and explaining to fellow teammates how big everything will appear in the games resonated in each conversation. The positive thing to take away today was that everybody was asking questions in order to ensure the project would be at its very best. Some people faced trials trying to receive their sound effects through email transmission. At first, the emailing process was cumbersome but ultimately triumphed. Lastly, the students had conflict when programming the characters to jump in the game. Other than these few identifiable problems the day was a major success.

            The main goal that our class hopes to complete tomorrow are making and uploading sprites to the computer so we may begin programming our primary games for the website. Another game making station would like to focus on programming so they can be completed with the project on the due date, January 9th. Almost all teams plan to center their time on the intellectual aspects of the game by deciding which thought provoking questions to display in order to maximize the learning experience about the book and language arts concepts.
- Kristen.


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