Today during language, arts we finished a bunch of tasks, but also had a few struggles. One of the many things my group and I accomplished today was completing our game design document. For the last two days we have been working on a document that explains everything needed to create our game. We were also able to experiment with a new design software called Inkscape, and figure out how to work it. Lastly, our group finished all the drawings needed to create sprites in the game. These are required to help us create the final graphics in Inkscape.

            With success also comes failure, and although we achieved quite a bit today, we also had a few challenges. My table mates and I were concerned we would not be able to finish all that we needed to do, but we eventually got it all done. Another struggle we faced was figuring out how to use inkscape. I have worked with Inkscape some before but we still had a hard time finding some of the features. Finally, the last problem we faced was trying to figure out what to type on some portions of the game design document. Some of the sections on the document we weren’t sure exactly what to write so we had to research other examples.

Tomorrow we hope to begin the art, design, and audio part of creating our game. Today a few of us were able to play around a bit with Inkscape, but tomorrow everyone will get to learn how to use the program. Many groups are also planning to start the audio portion of the game using garage band. I personally am looking forward to begin drawing the sprites and creating the art.



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