Today we were enlightened to have the news stop by our classroom.  They interviewed Mrs. Smoke, and other members of the class while we worked on our tutorial games.  Of course Mrs. Smoke was happy to have them there and hopes that she will win teacher of the year.  If she does win she will be seeing more cameras than she is used to.  Needless to say the press was stunned at the productivity of the class.  The camera man said “This is nothing like I did in high school!”
    Despite the news coming we still had some troubles.  Some people had trouble programming the smog to come from the factory.  Others would have troubles getting their person to stop instead of keep going.  Finally we had a little trouble with people going through the star where they are supposed to go to the next level.  Fortunately these problems were resolved and we can continue to program.
    We may have had some problems but there were lots of successes also.  We managed to make a multilevel game so that we can make our games more fun.  Also we managed to program our person to move around throughout the map and stop at the walls instead of running through them.  Finally we successfully made smog spawn out of a factory to make the game interesting.


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