The most significant accomplishments of today were the facts that we got most of our sprites uploaded. Many groups have finished uploading sprites to their computers, while some have a few more to complete. There were also a few groups that have their hexadecimal color codes, the codes that assign specific colors to a sprite. The artists of the classroom have also received new software to better design backgrounds, sprites, and other such requirements. The software was a little tough to operate for first time users, however.

There were some difficulties that occurred when we were working today. Some backgrounds, such as Aunt Polly’s kitchen, were especially hard to conjure because of the descriptive detail needed to paint the picture of what her house really looked like. One tough nut to crack though, was recording sounds. In the bustling throng of busy workers in a classroom, it got just too noisy at times. In order to record sounds, we would have to transfer to another room. Noises such as wind and a breaking vase were especially hard to create.

What we hope to see tomorrow is to learn some new programming tips from Stacey Scholfield. It seems the class has been putting great effort into making the best sounds they can and hope to get all sounds done tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll finish though. We are also excited for a visit from KSN News tomorrow for an interview about our project. Overall, tomorrow will have will have just as much hustle and bustle as it did today.


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