Today we made major progress toward finishing the game. One of the successes my group and I accomplished was uploading all the pictures. The pictures are now ready to be transformed into sprites.  Another success other groups found was that the software was easier to use. At first the software was confusing and seemed complex. After practice the software became easier to use, and less confusing. Lastly everyone worked hard towards their goal, and we achieved great progress toward finishing.

Although we had many successes, we also had many challenges. One challenge I encountered was that I had difficulties with Google docs. I kept receiving an error every time I tried to open a picture. Today was the first day I began using the software Inkscape. I had difficulties and was confused by the software. Lastly since my group is large, we had trouble figuring out which person would do which job. We overcame that challenge after our team ambassador told us what to do. The challenges only set us back a little from completing our goals.

Lastly, we have huge plans for tomorrow. One plan is to begin sounds during class. We will be creating our own sounds for the game. Tomorrow, we hope to finish making sprites. We are nearly halfway done. Lastly Mr. Crowson will show and assist us in writing background music. We hope to begin the music tomorrow. As you can see today was an interesting and successful day. We hope to continue the achievements tomorrow.


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