Today a multitude of beneficial events occurred that helped the class in getting finished with the Tom Sawyer video game. A few things that worked out today was that every group got most, if not the entire checklist done. Another successful event was that Abby and Abree drew all but a couple sprites for the cave game. The last successful event that occurred was that the Google Doc for the school yard is completely done. Along with the good events that took place today, there were also some challenges along the way.

The first challenge was the Inkscape program. Connor and Will tried to figure out how it worked, but for the life of them, could not figure it out. Towards the end of trying to figuring it out, Delaney decided to try to lend a hand, but also got substantially confused. Another challenge was trying to tie learning into the game. Jack, Kaitlyn, Blake, and Audrey’s group had difficulty with trying to incorporate teaching throughout their game.

What we hope to do tomorrow is finish the art, and start plugging it into the game. We also want to start making the sounds with garage band and other methods of making sound. Lastly, we want to start programming the actual game and figure out how Inkscape works.



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