Success is one of the many things we experienced today. We completed all of the drawings. We had some more artists in the class, which helped to complete the rest of characters; we also started the programming. We had help from Stacey; she gave us a more tips on how to make our game more realistic.

            There were many challenges and difficulties that we faced today. We tried to keep on task; a few people were talking and getting distracted. There some people who were not involved and helping out their groups. Some of the people did not have jobs to do. To fix that they should have taken charge by, going to a group member and helping them out. But over all there were a select few students who did this.

            What we hope to do tomorrow is get further into the programming. Since the semester is coming to an end, it would help to speed up the programming. Another thing is to create more of a plot into the game, and try to prefect it. The last thing is to finish the sprites; they take a lot of time to get them programmed into the software.
- Lauren.
Today, we had a lot of successes, such as: Jordan, Colin, Sam and my team are almost finished with the Inkscape sprites. I learned how to use Inkscape. I think it is very hard and confusing. Emily’s team finally figured out how to work Inkscape. They are defiantly excited about that. Lauren’s team finished with their Aunt Polly sprite. Throughout today we also had some challenges. All of us have to reconstruct our games so that they are either platform of maize type of games. Something that really has us on a rush is to finish our games. The due date for this is January, 6th. On Monday, I really hope to get a lot of these games almost done. I also hope that Stacy’s tutorial is easy and not very difficult to understand. What we need to get almost done is to get the programming done. I know that these are very difficult tasks but; if we all stay focused; not very likely to happen, I know we can get this project done in time.
On Friday December 7, we worked on programming a game just for fun on the program that we would use to make our final Tom Sawyer games.  Mrs. Stacy came in to help us make a maze game, where you would have to maneuver a raindrop through a maze without getting hit by the smog.  Some of the successes of the day were that we completed all of the programming that she had planned for us!  It was helpful that everybody’s computer was cooperating and working properly.  Whenever someone was having a problem or got lost, someone would always swoop in and try to help them get back on track.

On the other hand, there were a couple of glitches.  A few of the issues were with people staying on task, this could have been caused because programming is always a little confusing, very tedious, and at some times boring.  This did not affect the class as a whole, but it did affect certain individuals.  Another tiny hiccup in the day was making our mazes challenging enough to be fun, but not too challenging that it was impossible!

The next step on our projects is going to be finishing up all of the drawings that need to be converted into sprites.  Our detailed background drawings need to be completed.  Many of us need to begin working on our sounds.  On Tuesday, my group hopes to finish up our background drawing, and begin recording our sound files using a trombone.
Today a multitude of beneficial events occurred that helped the class in getting finished with the Tom Sawyer video game. A few things that worked out today was that every group got most, if not the entire checklist done. Another successful event was that Abby and Abree drew all but a couple sprites for the cave game. The last successful event that occurred was that the Google Doc for the school yard is completely done. Along with the good events that took place today, there were also some challenges along the way.

The first challenge was the Inkscape program. Connor and Will tried to figure out how it worked, but for the life of them, could not figure it out. Towards the end of trying to figuring it out, Delaney decided to try to lend a hand, but also got substantially confused. Another challenge was trying to tie learning into the game. Jack, Kaitlyn, Blake, and Audrey’s group had difficult with trying incorporate teaching throughout their game. The last challenge was group conflict. In Colin, Hadley, Sam and Jordan’s group, Sam just would not cooperated, according to Colin and Jordan, and he would not stay on task and kept messing around.

What we hope to do tomorrow is finish the art, and start plugging it into the game. We also want to start making the sounds with garage band and other methods of making sound. Lastly we want to start programming the actual game and figure out how Inkscape works.
The day’s status would probably be frustrating. We all worked on our own individual game chosen with our group and picked all the tactics for the video game.  Everyone started with a poster and outlined what they want on their video game.  Then they decide the rules and the object of the game. As the group made the video game, they drew the picture of what it would probably look like when finished.

My group, as well as all the other groups, had to create a document in Google Docs. We had to add the group members so they everyone could work on it together and add and delete different things if we all didn’t agree on it. Then we had to, as well the rest of the class, copy and paste the rules and order of how it needs to be “set up”. With the order came questions, and we all broke them apart and each worked on a different topic. Then getting all the topics done was a challenge. There were a lot of things to be filled in, but because the questions were fairly easy and we knew everything we wanted with our video game, we got it done.

We did have some challenges though. Getting into the Google Docs after you haven’t gone in there after a while, is hard to remember how to do. I’m sure it wasn’t just me when I forgot exactly how to get into my “e-mail” sort of thing. Then the groups and my group had to make it so that everyone could get into it. After we did that, then we had to get all the information onto the Google Docs. You have to first press on Shared with me to get into it. Then you click on the link that takes you to the document where everyone is working.

By tomorrow we are hoping to be able to finish answering all the remaining questions and getting everything we need about the video game done. There are a lot of details, that if forgotten, the video game might not be as good quality as it could have been. You have to remember that since it is the “building block” almost of setting up your video game, you need to be very specific.  We also need to make sure that everyone has perfected their topic and completed it. Then by tomorrow everything should be done and we can start adding more detail!
Some of our successes today in class were starting to choose colors and getting our groups organized. My team started choosing color today by deciding what color we were going to use for the rope in our game and we also chose what color Aunt Polly’s dress is going to be, we chose dark green. We got our team organized by adding tables to our Game Design Document for our sprites and sound. The tables have a column for what the sprite or sound is that we need to make, if they were drawn or recorded yet, what colors we were going to use and if they were uploaded into the folder yet or not. Our group had many amazing successes today, but we also experienced a few troubles that slowed us down.

A few of our difficulties we experienced today were creating our drawings, having a fire drill in the middle of class, and learning the color schemes. We didn’t get any of our drawings done quite yet, we were still deciding how we were going to get them all done and that is our main hope to get done tomorrow. Then there was a fire drill right after we got started working which took some time away from us working, causing a problem for a few of the groups. We also had to take time away from working so we could learn the color schemes and get started on choosing the colors for our sprites and then how to convert into an example of red, green and blue.

Tomorrow we hope to get more accomplished than we did today, the two main things we want to get accomplished tomorrow is to finish choosing the colors for the outfits on Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher, Mrs. Harper, and Sid and Joe Harper. We also have to choose the color for our cat still. The other main thing we want to get accomplished tomorrow is to at least start getting the drawings done and taking the pictures of them on the computer. We should hopefully get most of this completely done tomorrow. We experienced many troubles today, but we are going to get more accomplished tomorrow.
I think that what went well today was when we decided the areas of the town we were going to work on. Also what went well was splitting up the groups so that each group had the right amount of people to tackle the job. Another thing that worked well was once we were in our groups, we came up with some good mini-games to go along with the parts of the town we were doing.

Some difficulties that we faced were when we were trying to come up with the games; it was a little hard but eventually the games turned out really well. At the beginning, it was also hard to decide between the areas of the town to conquer for our class. For us, it was hard to pick which ideas we liked best to put our sticky notes on because they were all very good.

What we hope to do tomorrow would be to present all of our ideas so that we know where everybody is on their game making. We also hope to group each person in the area so we know what positions of the game people are going to contribute to. Another thing we should do tomorrow would be to combine some of our ideas together.


Entry 2



Today was a very exciting day in Mrs. Smoke’s 8th grade classroom. A lot of interesting activities were planned for us. Our class has been studying video game design for the past couple of weeks. We are learning how to create a video game that creates fun for the user. Right now we are just practicing with smaller game design, but in the next couple of weeks amazing things will happen in our class.

Today many things went well in the process of video game design for us. We were very patient and teachable. When a problem occurred, we would quietly raise our hand and ask for assistance from a teacher. While we were learning how to make an object move right, left, up, and down ladders, there were a lot of difficulties. Whenever an obstacle occurred, one of us would go back and check what they did wrong without any assistance. The video game programming was a little difficult to understand, but the students in my class worked really well with it.

A lot of things went the right way in the day of video programming, but nothing can be completely flawless. Sometimes there were problems that we could not fix ourselves. Some of us thought that the programming instruction was a little difficult to understand. In parts of the instruction, there was switching back and forth throughout the programming. If you got lost for a little while it was hard to catch back up right away. We would find a way to catch back up to the group and keep designing the game.         

Tomorrow is a different day. I think that the class greatly enjoyed designing the video games. In order to make our own video game it is important for us to keep getting practice. Tomorrow would be a great day to share ideas with others, to find what some found interesting, and others found not so interesting for a game design possibility. If one of us has some confusion about what happened today in the classroom we can clear our confusion by sharing with the rest of class. We might even get more experience in the video game designing process.

Today was definitely one of the more interesting days in our classroom. We definitely enjoyed the tour through video game design. They are also happy that there is no homework! The atmosphere in our room is filled with intelligence and talent. Someone might even find their own lifelong talent in the video game designing world in the next couple of weeks.
Successes came and went throughout the day. One of our accomplishments today was that we all were allowed to give input on the other group’s idea. This helped transform the idea into something we could actually see as a video game. My group came up with a maze based game in the graveyard. Our original plan was that the user would pick if they would want to be Tom or Huck. Then they would make their way through the maze dodging bats, fallen trees, and ghost until they reached Injun Joe, Muff Potter, and Doc Robinson. When we shared our idea with the class we all came to the conclusion that Tom and Huck where afraid of them and thought their voices were the devils. We changed the game so that they would be running from these voices all the way to their house. This game could be based off the game temple run, and they could run away from the “devil” that would be chasing them.  

Although we had many successes we also faced some challenges today.  A difficulty we experienced was that we all wanted to do some kind of maze game. I think using one maze game would be fun, but too many maze games might bore the user. We should choose one scene that we feel best fits the maze game setting. Another challenge we faced today was remembering the details about every scene. We resolved this problem by going back and rereading the graveyard scene.

We did face some challenges, but we always have tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having a video game expert come in and teach us how to create our own video game. I hope that she teaches us how to transform our drawings from paper onto the computer screen.  I also hope that she explains how to keep the users entertained while teaching them about the book at the same time. I am curious about what suggestions she might have about the game.