Some of our successes today in class were starting to choose colors and getting our groups organized. My team started choosing color today by deciding what color we were going to use for the rope in our game and we also chose what color Aunt Polly’s dress is going to be, we chose dark green. We got our team organized by adding tables to our Game Design Document for our sprites and sound. The tables have a column for what the sprite or sound is that we need to make, if they were drawn or recorded yet, what colors we were going to use and if they were uploaded into the folder yet or not. Our group had many amazing successes today, but we also experienced a few troubles that slowed us down.

A few of our difficulties we experienced today were creating our drawings, having a fire drill in the middle of class, and learning the color schemes. We didn’t get any of our drawings done quite yet, we were still deciding how we were going to get them all done and that is our main hope to get done tomorrow. Then there was a fire drill right after we got started working which took some time away from us working, causing a problem for a few of the groups. We also had to take time away from working so we could learn the color schemes and get started on choosing the colors for our sprites and then how to convert into an example of red, green and blue.

Tomorrow we hope to get more accomplished than we did today, the two main things we want to get accomplished tomorrow is to finish choosing the colors for the outfits on Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher, Mrs. Harper, and Sid and Joe Harper. We also have to choose the color for our cat still. The other main thing we want to get accomplished tomorrow is to at least start getting the drawings done and taking the pictures of them on the computer. We should hopefully get most of this completely done tomorrow. We experienced many troubles today, but we are going to get more accomplished tomorrow.


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