Successes came and went throughout the day. One of our accomplishments today was that we all were allowed to give input on the other group’s idea. This helped transform the idea into something we could actually see as a video game. My group came up with a maze based game in the graveyard. Our original plan was that the user would pick if they would want to be Tom or Huck. Then they would make their way through the maze dodging bats, fallen trees, and ghost until they reached Injun Joe, Muff Potter, and Doc Robinson. When we shared our idea with the class we all came to the conclusion that Tom and Huck where afraid of them and thought their voices were the devils. We changed the game so that they would be running from these voices all the way to their house. This game could be based off the game temple run, and they could run away from the “devil” that would be chasing them.  

Although we had many successes we also faced some challenges today.  A difficulty we experienced was that we all wanted to do some kind of maze game. I think using one maze game would be fun, but too many maze games might bore the user. We should choose one scene that we feel best fits the maze game setting. Another challenge we faced today was remembering the details about every scene. We resolved this problem by going back and rereading the graveyard scene.

We did face some challenges, but we always have tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having a video game expert come in and teach us how to create our own video game. I hope that she teaches us how to transform our drawings from paper onto the computer screen.  I also hope that she explains how to keep the users entertained while teaching them about the book at the same time. I am curious about what suggestions she might have about the game.



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