Entry 2



Today was a very exciting day in Mrs. Smoke’s 8th grade classroom. A lot of interesting activities were planned for us. Our class has been studying video game design for the past couple of weeks. We are learning how to create a video game that creates fun for the user. Right now we are just practicing with smaller game design, but in the next couple of weeks amazing things will happen in our class.

Today many things went well in the process of video game design for us. We were very patient and teachable. When a problem occurred, we would quietly raise our hand and ask for assistance from a teacher. While we were learning how to make an object move right, left, up, and down ladders, there were a lot of difficulties. Whenever an obstacle occurred, one of us would go back and check what they did wrong without any assistance. The video game programming was a little difficult to understand, but the students in my class worked really well with it.

A lot of things went the right way in the day of video programming, but nothing can be completely flawless. Sometimes there were problems that we could not fix ourselves. Some of us thought that the programming instruction was a little difficult to understand. In parts of the instruction, there was switching back and forth throughout the programming. If you got lost for a little while it was hard to catch back up right away. We would find a way to catch back up to the group and keep designing the game.         

Tomorrow is a different day. I think that the class greatly enjoyed designing the video games. In order to make our own video game it is important for us to keep getting practice. Tomorrow would be a great day to share ideas with others, to find what some found interesting, and others found not so interesting for a game design possibility. If one of us has some confusion about what happened today in the classroom we can clear our confusion by sharing with the rest of class. We might even get more experience in the video game designing process.

Today was definitely one of the more interesting days in our classroom. We definitely enjoyed the tour through video game design. They are also happy that there is no homework! The atmosphere in our room is filled with intelligence and talent. Someone might even find their own lifelong talent in the video game designing world in the next couple of weeks.


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