I think that what went well today was when we decided the areas of the town we were going to work on. Also what went well was splitting up the groups so that each group had the right amount of people to tackle the job. Another thing that worked well was once we were in our groups, we came up with some good mini-games to go along with the parts of the town we were doing.

Some difficulties that we faced were when we were trying to come up with the games; it was a little hard but eventually the games turned out really well. At the beginning, it was also hard to decide between the areas of the town to conquer for our class. For us, it was hard to pick which ideas we liked best to put our sticky notes on because they were all very good.

What we hope to do tomorrow would be to present all of our ideas so that we know where everybody is on their game making. We also hope to group each person in the area so we know what positions of the game people are going to contribute to. Another thing we should do tomorrow would be to combine some of our ideas together.



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