Success is one of the many things we experienced today. We completed all of the drawings. We had some more artists in the class, which helped to complete the rest of characters; we also started the programming. We had help from Stacey; she gave us a more tips on how to make our game more realistic.

            There were many challenges and difficulties that we faced today. We tried to keep on task; a few people were talking and getting distracted. There some people who were not involved and helping out their groups. Some of the people did not have jobs to do. To fix that they should have taken charge by, going to a group member and helping them out. But over all there were a select few students who did this.

            What we hope to do tomorrow is get further into the programming. Since the semester is coming to an end, it would help to speed up the programming. Another thing is to create more of a plot into the game, and try to prefect it. The last thing is to finish the sprites; they take a lot of time to get them programmed into the software.
- Lauren.


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