The day’s status would probably be frustrating. We all worked on our own individual game chosen with our group and picked all the tactics for the video game.  Everyone started with a poster and outlined what they want on their video game.  Then they decide the rules and the object of the game. As the group made the video game, they drew the picture of what it would probably look like when finished.

My group, as well as all the other groups, had to create a document in Google Docs. We had to add the group members so they everyone could work on it together and add and delete different things if we all didn’t agree on it. Then we had to, as well the rest of the class, copy and paste the rules and order of how it needs to be “set up”. With the order came questions, and we all broke them apart and each worked on a different topic. Then getting all the topics done was a challenge. There were a lot of things to be filled in, but because the questions were fairly easy and we knew everything we wanted with our video game, we got it done.

We did have some challenges though. Getting into the Google Docs after you haven’t gone in there after a while, is hard to remember how to do. I’m sure it wasn’t just me when I forgot exactly how to get into my “e-mail” sort of thing. Then the groups and my group had to make it so that everyone could get into it. After we did that, then we had to get all the information onto the Google Docs. You have to first press on Shared with me to get into it. Then you click on the link that takes you to the document where everyone is working.

By tomorrow we are hoping to be able to finish answering all the remaining questions and getting everything we need about the video game done. There are a lot of details, that if forgotten, the video game might not be as good quality as it could have been. You have to remember that since it is the “building block” almost of setting up your video game, you need to be very specific.  We also need to make sure that everyone has perfected their topic and completed it. Then by tomorrow everything should be done and we can start adding more detail!


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