On Friday December 7, we worked on programming a game just for fun on the program that we would use to make our final Tom Sawyer games.  Mrs. Stacy came in to help us make a maze game, where you would have to maneuver a raindrop through a maze without getting hit by the smog.  Some of the successes of the day were that we completed all of the programming that she had planned for us!  It was helpful that everybody’s computer was cooperating and working properly.  Whenever someone was having a problem or got lost, someone would always swoop in and try to help them get back on track.

On the other hand, there were a couple of glitches.  A few of the issues were with people staying on task, this could have been caused because programming is always a little confusing, very tedious, and at some times boring.  This did not affect the class as a whole, but it did affect certain individuals.  Another tiny hiccup in the day was making our mazes challenging enough to be fun, but not too challenging that it was impossible!

The next step on our projects is going to be finishing up all of the drawings that need to be converted into sprites.  Our detailed background drawings need to be completed.  Many of us need to begin working on our sounds.  On Tuesday, my group hopes to finish up our background drawing, and begin recording our sound files using a trombone.


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