Today, we had a lot of successes, such as: Jordan, Colin, Sam and my team are almost finished with the Inkscape sprites. I learned how to use Inkscape. I think it is very hard and confusing. Emily’s team finally figured out how to work Inkscape. They are defiantly excited about that. Lauren’s team finished with their Aunt Polly sprite. Throughout today we also had some challenges. All of us have to reconstruct our games so that they are either platform of maize type of games. Something that really has us on a rush is to finish our games. The due date for this is January, 6th. On Monday, I really hope to get a lot of these games almost done. I also hope that Stacy’s tutorial is easy and not very difficult to understand. What we need to get almost done is to get the programming done. I know that these are very difficult tasks but; if we all stay focused; not very likely to happen, I know we can get this project done in time.


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